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Dome Camera 700TVL


This camera is a 700 TVL Resolution Color Outdoor Bullet Camera featuring the new SONY EFFIO-E image processor that just came out last year. It has 42 infrared LEDs that provide a guaranteed 130ft of night vision in complete darkness. This bullet camera has a lens that you can manually adjust at time of installation from 2.8mm for a wide angle view of 90 degrees to see things up close or set it all the way to 12mm for a 4.5x zoom to see objects that are 100ft away. You can expect to see facial clarity up to 50ft away at the 12mm mark, and 20ft away at the 2.8mm mark. The camera is small in size and dark gray in color, making it almost invisible at night time, except for the infrared LEDs that glow red. This is not your ordinary CCTV camera because of the image sensor that it has. Compared to other CCTV cameras on the market, it has the best image sensor available - that is 700 TV Lines.

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