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Glass Break Detector


Even if the doors and windows of your house are protected by contact sensors, your home is still vulnerable to someone breaking in through a glass area. Although the shattering glass will make a loud noise, it will not trigger your door or window sensor to sound the alarm. That’s why glass break and shock detectors are so important. Using such devices will help make your home security system more complete.
Home Security Store has a variety of glass break and shock detectors to choose from. Although, some are higher priced than a typical motion detector, the money is well worth it.
Glass break detectors come in a couple of designs and in a couple of categories. For the most part glass break detectors are acoustic and work by detecting the sound that breaking glass makes. While shock detectors work off vibration (similar to the method used for car alarms).
Glass break detectors are available in both hardwired and wireless versions. The detector mounts on the wall or on the ceiling and listens in to an area which should be at the very minimum 20 feet away in all directions. This means just one glass break detector can be mounted in a typical sized room with multiple glass windows and it should be able to protect all of the vulnerable spots.
It is important to note that glass break detectors do not listen in through walls or around corners, however the capabilities of certain glass break detectors depends on the model and design.

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