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H.264 VIDEO COMPRESSION - Provides Up to 3x MORE Video Storage than the old MPEG and JPEG DVRs used in the recent past. What that means to you is longer video storage capacity, enabling you to review video from prior days and/or months. H.264 Technology also provides you with better video quality live and over the internet. 

FULL D1 RECORDING AT 30 FPS ON EVERY CHANNEL - (no jumpiness or jerkiness that you may have experienced with the Digital Video Recorders of the past). Full D1 is simply "the best that you can get". Our "PRO SERIES" DVR delivers 30 Frames per Second on BOTH Live Recording and Playback. We are very excited to offer our customers the VERY BEST TECHNOLOGY at the VERY BEST PRICE. 

AUDIO RECORDING - You may record AUDIO on up to 4 Cameras with our "PRO SERIES" DVR. Record any of our cameras by adding one of our optional microphones. 

LIVE REMOTE INTERNET AND CELL PHONE VIEWING - our "PRO SERIES" DVR allows you to watch and even control your DVR Anytime, Anywhere, and Anyplace. View your Security Camera System on Internet Explorer PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, and MANY MORE smartphones. Remote Viewing is FREE. Simply connect your DVR to your high speed internet connection with a standard ethernet cable. 

24/7 RECORDING, MOTION, and SCHEDULE RECORDING - You can save time and hard drive space by recording on motion. Record on Motion, 24/7, or on a Schedule. In addition, you may program your DVR to send you an EMAIL NOTIFICATION UPON MOTION. 

UNLIMITED DIGITAL ZOOM - our DVRs offer a Digital Zoom feature allowing you to digitally zoom in on a particular area or object. This helps you capture a closer view for recognition purposes. 

EASY TO SET UP and CONFIGURE - configure your settings at the DVR or remotely over the Internet. Each DVR comes with an IR Remote Control and Mouse. The Internet compatible graphical user interface allows you to set up and control your settings at your DVR location or on ANY of your PC’s on your LOCAL Network or Internet. Set up your motion detection, email alerts, administrative options, and more, live or over the internet. 

MULTIPLE SCREEN DISPLAYS - View 1 camera, 4 Cameras, 8 Cameras, 16 Cameras, or up 32 Cameras at a time. In addition, there are many more screen display options (layouts) to view your cameras on the monitor. For example, you may make one camera larger than some of the surrounding cameras on the display screen, etc. 

SAVE VIDEO TO USB or PC - All of our systems offer multiple recording options in order to save and archive video. Use a USB Memory Stick or your PC to back up video. Send your video direct to authorities as an email attachment. The "PRO SERIES" DVR has 2 SATA Hard Drive Slots for monrhs of video surveillance storage. The "PRO SERIES" DVR comes with one pre-installed hard drive. 

CENTRAL MONITORING STATION - If you have several businesses or homes, you may want to utilize this feature. CMS enables you to monitor all of your locations on one screen display, with one “login” or IP address. Monitor up 50 of our DVRs over one IP address. This is an included feature with all of our DVRs. 

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